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    Spicer India Private Limited manufactures a highly efficient, new-age range of drivetrain products, driveshafts and axles that offer the advantages of improved fuel economy, torque-carrying capacity, and weight reduction, while carrying a warranty of one-million kilometres. Spicer India develops and manufactures axles for light vehicles, and drive shaft (propeller shaft) assemblies for a wide range of vehicle applications, including on and off-highway vehicles, industrial machinery, and commercial vehicles.

    Spicer India provides the widest range of drivetrain products, supplying to every major vehicle manufacturer in India. With support from our collaborator, Dana Corporation, USA, we are able to effectively address customer requirements. High performance products from Spicer India contribute to enhancing NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) performance required by today's discerning drivers. Our product designs help our customers meet efficiency requirements, stringent emission regulations, weight reduction, power density and active torque management for stability and mobility.

    Drive Shafts (Propeller Shaft)
    Drive Shafts (Propeller Shaft)
    Spicer India offers torque systems that provide innovative value-engineered solutions for driveshafts in vehicular applications, using the latest technology. Spicer India develops and manufactures propeller shafts for all light vehicle applications including those meant for passenger cars, CUVs, SUVs, light trucks, vans and other commercial and off-highway vehicles, as well as for the industrial market.

    The Spicer axle product line includes independent front and rear axles, front and rear beam-style axles, and differential systems with advanced Hypoid Gear technology. Axle styles include Banjo, Clamshell, and Salisbury designs, each of which is tailored to individual customer specifications. Spicer has also developed the AdvanTEK design axle. These high-performance axles are a prime example of our efforts to address efficiency, power density, fuel economy, torque-carrying capacity, and weight.

    Spicer has the in-house capability to manufacture 3-Axis Face Hobbed Advantek Hypoid Bevel Gear sets. The gear sets are designed based on AdvanTek technology, using high performance gears which contribute to improving the efficiency and power density of the axles.